DSMC, The Department of Sacred Music and Communications is the official music department of the Marthoma Syrian Church.


  • Organize, co-ordinate and equip the parish choirs in their mission as worship leaders through Sunday visits, weekend training programs and other retreats and seminars
  • Help our parishes to make use of the audio and visual media in promoting Christian values through DSMC Music Studios and DSMC Graphics Studio
  • Train talented individuals to enlighten their talents in vocal and instrumental music through the DSMC School of Music
  • Encourage the upcoming song writers and composers through music workshops and other training programs
  • Leading the Maramon Convention Music Ministry through song selection, choir training and the convention singing sessions
The largest choir in the church is the congregation

The largest choir in the church is the congregation. Role of choir in leading worship is to help our congregation sing together and experience the presence of God. Leading the congregation in hymns and prayers is absolutely essential for worship, since praise is much desired by God.

Music for worship is not for entertainment

Musicians are ministers appointed by God and music for worship is not our entertainment. It is an act of worship (I Chronicles 16:4-6).

Beyond the esthetic level into the spiritual realm

While many choirs learn to sing with musical excellence, which is very important, few musicians take either the congregation or the choir beyond the esthetic level into the spiritual realm. Choir members are to prepare themselves to be the leaders in corporate worship.


DSM&C Studios

We are equipped with a world class sound recording studio in our campus. Our studio is powered by Pro Tools HD (Hi-Definition) with Degidesign’s C 24. Apart from all of our own productions we do prestigious, outside major recordings also.

DSMC School of Music

We have a music school in the campus with 145 students. We offer piano lessons and vocal classes  from The Trinity College of  Music, London.  Also we have courses for  instrumental music lessons in  Keyboard. Classes are on Sundays

Music Productions

Every year we bring out 12 – 15 albums of Christian Hymns including Sunday School, Yuvajanasakhyam and Sevikasanghom competition songs from Kristeeya Keerthanagal.

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