The Mar Thoma Evangelistic Association is the missionary wing of the Mar Thoma Church. The first and oldest of the National Missionary Movement in India. Owes its origin to the enduring vision of a small band of devout men-eleven laymen and one priest- who gathered for prayer in the upper room of the Kadavil Malika (Kallissery-Chengannur) on the banks of River Pamba. This Missionary Movement was started in the wake of the Reformation Movement pioneered by Abraham Malpan, the Martin Luther of the East. It marked the resurgence of the Ancient Church in Kerala and has given new life and inspiration for the total renewal and mission of the church. The Church awoke to its missionary task and the Evangelistic Association was formed in the year 1888 ad was registered under the Company’s Act of India.

125 years have elapsed since its inception and the Association has grown far beyond the dreams and imaginations of the original founders. Rapid strides of progress have been made in evangelistic endeavours in and outside Kerala. This spectacular growth was achieved through the untiring efforts, devotion, commitment and missionary zeal of our Revered Bishops, Priests, Evangelists, and laymen.