The reformers realized the importance of Bible Study, as essential for spiritual renewal and growth. The opening of the Sunday Schools thus became a natural development in the way of Christian nurture. The formal inauguration of the Sunday School Samajam comprising all the Sunday Schools, which had already been started in the parishes, took place at Maramon Convention in 1905. Mr. V P Mammen, (later Vicar General V P Mammen Kasseesa) was elected as the General Secretary. The growth and development of the Sunday School Samajam as one of the leading Christian Education organizations in India was the result of the extraordinary organizing ability of Rev. V P Mammen and his untiring efforts for 47 years. In those days of very limited travel facilities he visited churches in different places traveling in bullock carts and riding bicycles. He organized syllabuses for the different grades and published the lessons to be taught in various classes. A publication entitled “Sandarsini” began to be published in 1911 containing articles helpful to the pupils, teachers and parents and lesson notes for Sunday school teachers. Since 1952 textbooks are published for the various classes. From 1977 the Sunday School Samajam follows the curriculum of the Christian Education Council of India.

Rev. Dr. K K George joined the work of the Sunday School Samajam in 1952 and was General Secretary of the Samajam after the demise of very Rev. V P Mammen, from 1952 up to June in 1982. Both of them laboured in this great cause dedicating their extraordinary powers of head and heart to the cause of Christian Education children. Classes are arranged for a period of 15 years from the age of 5, so that by the time the Sunday school course is completed, the pupils will have sound knowledge of the scriptures and the doctrines of the church.

Sunday Schools are arranged in every Parish and in large Parishes there will be two or more Sunday Schools according to the need. Inspectors are allotted to supervise the work of Sunday Schools in given area, and organizers are appointed in each diocese. The Central Office arranges examination every year and competitions are also held at the Diocesan and Central level.

The Sunday School Samajam celebrated the Platinum Jubilee in 1980. The Christian Education Centre was established at Charal Mount, Kuriannoor in 1972 providing one of the attractive camp sights for children and for training of teachers. The High School at Edakulam and the boarding house attached to it are run by the Sunday School Samajam.

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