Has Kerala – ‘God’s own country’ changed to place of butchery? – Rt Rev Dr Zacharias Mar Theophilus Suffragan Metropolitan

Has Kerala – ‘God’s own country’ changed to place of butchery?

Suffragan-Metropolitan (1)Lejin, a youth who entered into his teenage life used to return home everyday from school with loads of dreams. However, in a moment of time everything was shattered!!! A classmate who had revenge against him slit his throat and killed him. To ensure he is dead he even hit him on his head several times. A person who is only 15 years has this much of revenge! Are we not chopping humans as animals are chopped at a butcher’s shop?

A drunkard son hit his mother on her head and killed her as she refused to give him money to buy liquor. In another incident, a wife pays to the quotation rowdies to kill her husband, only to enjoy her life with her lover. Yet another lady kills her own child by hitting the baby’s head on the floor.

Among other important daily news such as Business, sports, foreign news, travel, etc, murder news is also become common in every daily newspapers.

Here is yet another very cruel political murder. This happened at a birth place – Coonoor where the political encounter happens. T. P Chandrashekhar, who quit the Marxist party and formed the Revolutionary Marxist party and led the party with strong and able leadership was brutally murdered. A very just and able Leader was killed by inflicting more than 50 fatal injuries. All this happened due to political rivalry. All these must be put to an end.

Are we not hearing the ‘cry for murder’ from the land of a peace loving Gandhiji and Sri Buddha? Are not the pitiful cries of dying people getting immersed with the air of non-violence? Are there ‘No’ solution to this? What can a normal person do if the churches, society or the state or country keep silent and not take any action on this?

The murder takes place first in the mind of a murderer. If we should maintain a peaceful society, we must change our mind set. Better thinking should take place. We should try our best to bring “Love” in place of ‘hatred’; “Forgiveness” in place of ‘envy or revenge’; “Hope” in place of ‘disappointment’; “Light” for ‘darkness’; and “Happiness” in place of ‘sadness’.

The definition Gandhiji gave for love is “Love Force”. Love is a great force. Martin Luther King is his book titled “Strength to Love” says that love is a will power. His speeches focused about the power of love. For love we much have a strong mind and determination. Only through love we can forgive. According to Abraham Lincoln, “if you want to kill your opponent, you must turn him as your best friend and love him wholeheartedly”.

It is dangerous for our church and political parties if the intolerance encroach in our minds. It is not excusable or pardonable to those who are reaching the zenith of power by changing as autocrats. Instead of taking the right and good opinion and suggestions from an opponent, we keep him quite, is this not equal to a murder? What can we expect from a person who has lost his root value, self-discipline, and control?

Are we not paying the quotation parties to murder like we pay the contractors to construct our house? Are these descriptions, seen of murder, violence, etc shown in the daily newspapers and mass media inspiring the people to kill others? Things have changed so much that even the cinemas nowadays, give more important to attacking, kidnapping, murdering, gang-fight, etc, which have given way to the former cinemas where it had more of love scenes, lovers running round the tress, singing and dancing…
Recently I had an opportunity the share the same podium with Super Star Mamootty. A very calm, quite and humble person in nature, nevertheless, he is a different person, rather the opposite, in the Silver screen. A strong and brave hero, who hits fights and kicks, to change and conquer the opponent. He is a hero and model to those younger generations who watches these movies and they try to imitate it and put them to action into their life.
Translated by Mrs Glory Varghese, Malaysia for the Mar Thoma Sabha Website.

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