The 124th Maramon Convention started in the sand bed of river pamba on 10th February 2019. The inaugural meeting was presided over by the President of Mar Thoma Evangelistic Association, Rt. Rev. Dr. Euyakim Mar Coorilos Episcopa and H.G. the Most Rev. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan inaugurated the week-long summit of spiritual renovation.

Dr. Agnes Regina Murel Abuom, the Moderator of the Central Committee of World Council of Churches, brought greetings from WCC and shared the immense joy in attending the world renowned Maramon Convention.

Rt. Rev. John Tucker Mugabi Sentamu, the Archbishop of York shared the word of God. His sermon was based on the Lord’s Prayer and how to contextually interpret and understand the prayer that Jesus taught.

100 Member strong choir led by the Director of Department of Sacred Music & Communications, Rev. Ashish Thomas George delivered soul stirring songs that stood the test of time.

People of all ages from far and wide flowed into the sand-bed of Pampa and assembled under this tent of God’s Living Word with great discipline and spiritual fervour.

On the second day, Rt. Rev. Dr. Mathews Mar Makarios Episcopa lead the intercessory prayer and presided the morning session. Prof. Raimond Simanga Kumalo delivered the Main Talk and Rev. George Varghese translated the message. In afternoon, Rt. Rev. Dr.Thomas Mar Theethos Episcopa presided over the session and  Rt. Rev. Thomas Mar Timotheos Episcopa led the main talk. In the evening session,Rt. Rev. Gregorios Mar Stephanos Episcopa presided the meeting and the  Main Talk was led Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos Episcopa.

The morning session in the second day was started with the intercessory prayers led by Rt. Rev. Joseph Mar Barnabas Episcopa. The main talk or this session was delivered by Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa. The afternoon session was presided by Rt.Rev.Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos Episcopa and Rt. Rev. Dr. Mathews Mar Makarios Episcopa led the main talk. In the evening session, Rt.Rev.Thomas Mar Timotheos Episcopa  presided and Dr. Daniel Ho delivered the main talk which was translated by Rev. A. T. Zachariah

The Third day begin with the main talk led by Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa; Afternoon session was led by Rt. Rev.  Dr. Mathews Mar Makarios Episcopa and the evening session was led by Dr. Daniel Ho which was interpreted by Rev. A. T. Zachariah.
The morning session of the fourth day was set apart as the Ecumneical session, on which the leaders from the sister churches participated and Cardinal Mar George Alencherry led the session. The afternoon session was led by Dr. M. P. Mathai which was separated for Social Evil awareness meeting. The evening meeting was led by Rt.Rev. John Tukker Mugabe Sentamu and interpreted by  Interpreter: Rev.Mathew Skariah.
The fifth day of the convention begins with the main Talk by Dr. Daniel Ho  Interpreted by Rev. A.T. Zachariah. The after noon session which was separated for  MTVEA was led by Prof. Raimond Simanga Kumalo which was interpreted by Rev. George Varghese. The evening session was led by Rt. Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Theethos Episcopa.

Each day of the convention begins by three simultaneous sessions for children lead by  CSSM, Bible study for men and women.The stalls of the Dioceses, Organisations and Institutions of the church are functioning in the sandbed.

Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church

Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church

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