✯✯Christmas Celebrations✯✯

Christmas Carol Service and Fellowship Conducted by the Organizations and Offices of the Mar Thoma Church

Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasius Memorial Lecture

Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasius Memorial Lecture was Conducted in Thomas Mar Athanasius Research and Orientation Center Manganam, Kottayam. Dr. Babu Paul IAS delivered the 28th Memorial Lecture.

Annual Clergy Conference 2014

The Annual Clergy Conference 2014 commenced in Christian Education Centre, Charalkunnu on 25th November 2014. The Theme for this year is " The Ordained Ministry in the Public Space".

Pulkootil Pookkalam

Pulkootil Pookkaalam 2014, Christmas Programme by Department of Sacred Music and Communications was  held on Sunday the 30th November 2014 at 5:30pm, at Valayanadu Auditorium, Ranny

Gulf Mar Thoma Youth Conference

The 18th Gulf Mar Thoma Youth Conference was conducted in Sharjah

Joshua 24:15
New International Version
But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.

Welcome to Mar Thoma Syrian Church Of Malabar

Traditionally believed to have been founded by Saint Thomas (Mar Thoma), one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ, and known by the name of the Apostle, in the year AD52, Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar is one of the oldest denominations of Christianity. The Church defines itself as "Apostolic in origin, Universal in nature, Biblical in faith, Evangelical in principle, Ecumenical in outlook, Oriental in worship, Democratic in function, and Episcopal in character. Headquartered at Thiruvalla in Kerala, in India, the church has followers across the globe.


As part of the 80th birthday celebration of the Metropolitan, 80 patients undergoing treatment would be helped through this project...to raise Rs.5 crore as a Corpus Fund...

✯✯Christmas Celebrations✯✯
Christmas Carol Service and Fellowship Conducted by the Organizations and Offices of the Mar Thoma Church
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Apr 02, 2014
  Exodus 1: 15-22 The Hebrew title for the second book of the Pentateuch is “Weelleh Shemoth” meaning “Now these are the names of…” the initial words of the document. This is commonly abbreviated as ‘Shemoth’ which means ‘Names’. Exodus is a naturalised English word resting on the Septuagint title. Exodus cannot be seen as the history of Israel in a strict sense. It is rather an exposition of the meaning of that history for Isra.......
Jul 17, 2013
 (Rev Sajesh Mathews, M-th First Year) Prayer is the medium through which we communicate to God. It is the way we interact with God. There are two classical definitions for prayer. One is, prayer is speaking to God and the other is prayer is the raising of the soul to God. What is the theological significance of prayer? What contribution does prayer make to our understanding of the glorious work of salvation that Christ achieved for us? Prayer becomes a subject of theological reflection .......
Metropolitan's Message
കര്‍ത്താവില്‍ പ്രീയരേ,          ഏതൊരു മനുഷ്യ...    
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